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Farmer Picking Vegetables

It’s time for an

agricultural revolution,

driven by data and connectivity


Connectivity for Agricultural Supply Chains

We provide connectivity in agricultural supply chains through secure transactions, enabling data-driven decision making for all.

Growing Demand & Resource Scarcity

Meeting food demand is a major challenge for future generations. By 2050, the world demand for calories is expected to grow by 70%. At the same time, resources are becoming more scarce due to deterioration of farmland and climate change.

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Technology and Agriculture

Several agricultural revolutions have resulted in significant productivity growth. Right now, agricultural supply chains are on the brink on a major revolution, driven by data and connectivity. 

Using innovative farming techniques and data-driven decision making can yield significant growth in farming output.

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Purpose-built for Agricultural Supply Chains

We have developed a suite of integrated tools to seamlessly facilitate transactions of non-standardised organic products, providing connectivity and a powerful integration hub for tech solutions. 

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SquareX core functionality includes an inventory management, sales, and CRM tools for sellers; search, shortlist and QC functionality for buyers, as well as a negotiation tool, smart contracting, position management and payment facilitation.

Core Features

Sellers learn about their customers' needs which assists them in demand planning and effective resource allocation. 

Buyers gain a deep insight into their procurement needs and supply contracts, reducing risk and contributing to the consistency of product quality.

More procurement insights

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Connectivity for Agricultural Supply Chains

Entering this next stage of agriculture requires access to technology and shared data sets for all stakeholders connectivity across supply chains.

SquareX is the digital foundation that provides connectivity and the free flow of data throughout agricultural supply chains.

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Building a Better Future

A strong digital foundations enables traceability, the use of data, automation, and the use of AI technology to boost farming yields and makes sustainability goals measurable.

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Work with us

Agricultural supply chains are on the brink of a digital transformation. SquareX delivers the foundation for these transformations to succeed. 

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations: Trading houses, governments, and tech providers to propel industries to the digital age.

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All transactions on greensquare are traceable via unique transaction IDs, using blockchain principles. This provides teams of buyer and seller organisations with access to product details and visibility. 

Built-in Traceabilty

SquareX has built a powerful and flexible API, connecting its core procurement modules to data sources, tech solutions and compliance tools.

Connectivity Hub for Tech Solutions

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