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Our team has a diverse range of backgrounds, ranging from economists, techies, digital transformation specialists and industry experts. 

Despite the diversity of lenses through which we solve problems, we are united in our mission. We build technology for purpose that democratises the access to technology for a better future for all. 

Our Team

Chris is a trained economist with a PhD in Behavioural Economics and seasoned entrepreneur.

Chris is the driving force behind the SquareX vision and strategic partnerships.

Dr Chris Meier

photo of CEO and Co-founder Dr Chris Meier

CEO & Co-Founder

Jan has an extensive background in digital transformation and project management. 

Jan coordinates development teams and plans the execution of future SquareX features.

Jan-Hendrik Thieme

photo of COO and Co-founder Jan-Hendrik Thieme

COO & Co-Founder

Marius is an experienced full-stack developer and team lead with 15 years' worth of experience. 

Marius is the brain behind the SquareX core technology.

Marius Naumann

photo of CTO and Co-founder Marius Naumann

CIO & Co-Founder

Caleb has a strong track record and deep understanding of the specialty coffee industry and is a seasoned entrepreneur. 

Caleb oversees the greensquare platform and stakeholder relationships (coffee).

Caleb Holstein

photo of MD of greensquare and Co-founder Caleb Holstein

MD greensquare & Co-Founder

Saxon is Chairman and Founder of Pablo & Rusty's Coffee Roasters and CEO, Chair & Co-Founder at Huskee. 

Saxon has supported the team with valuable advice and guidance from the early days.

Saxon Wright

photo of strategic advisor Saxon Wright

Strategic Advisor

Stephen has an extensive experience in commodity trade, with a particular focus on green coffee. 

Through his extensive experience, Stephen enriches the team's understanding of commodity trade.

Stephen Bannister

photo of strategic advisor Stephen Bannister

Strategic Advisor

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